Nürburgring Nordschleife BTG measures 19.1 kilometer (11.9 mile) and it’s a moderately fast track, yet extremely fun to drive on. The overall average speed is 151 kph (94 mph) so it caters to a wide range of cars. The BTG times have turned into bragging right for many automakers, private racing teams and even regular customers, so it comes as no surprise that those times are often referenced.

Cue in TPS Performance, a German tuning shop, and the “baby-M” from Garching – The M2 Competition. The duo is not a stranger of the Nordschleife, just three years ago, a 7:22 BTG time was reported aboard the “regular” M2. To see if they can beat that time, they took their modified M2 Competition to the track and the results were impressive – 7:12 minutes.

The lap time could have been even better, but at the time of the test, the temperature at the track measure 37 degrees Celsius while the track was quite busy. So certainly not optimal conditions for a record lap at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Behind the wheel we had Alex Hardt, who was allowed to drive the 520 hp TPS M2C-TR based on the BMW M2 Competition.

The car was of course running the on Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires.

In view of the sub-optimal conditions, the announcement of TPS-Performance is no surprise: “We are not finished here and will soon attack again,” it says in the Facebook post on the lap time. And at the latest hashtags #underseven and # sub7 point to the clear target.