A series of bombshell articles went live the past couple of weeks. Automobile Magazine took the BMW world by storm unveiling the plans of future BMW products. While most of the report was accurate, there were still a few gaps, like the 6 Series GT story and the i3. Both cars were reportedly getting a successor, but our sources pointed to the exactly opposite.

BMW i8 plug-in hybrid was another model that came forward. Initially, we believed that the next i8 will take the shape of the recently unveiled Vision M Next. But it turns out that BMW is in fact planning two separate products.

The i8 as we know it today will get renewed for another season, with a new design and new tech, while the Vision M Next will arrive in a production form in 2023. But as a standalone M product which will deliver some exceptional tech and performance.

As far as the i8, Automobile Magazine mention a future i8 PHEV with a 340-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder mated to a beefed up 150-kW (201-hp) electric motor. The suspension will be thoroughly revised for sportier handling.

We learned that it’s only the i8 Coupe model that will live to fight another day, while the Roadster model gets the axe.

While the i8 was always a niche model, it has done wonders for the brand. It gave an identity to the BMW i division and showcased some advanced construction techniques and materials which are still quite unique today.

BMW M Vision Next to arrive in 2023 as an i8 replacement

On the design front, the i8 was and still is a polarizing car, a head-turner, and it is now fully associated with the BMW brand. A few years back there were many people that had to look twice at the car before realizing that it carries the BMW badge.

Therefore, we expect the second-gen i8 to continue down the same path of innovation and futuristic design, but it will be at least 4-5 years until we see a new model.