Not long ago, BMW announced that it would be making an all-new customer racing car based on the BMW M2 Competition. This new customer racing car will replace the BMW M240i car as the brand’s grassroots racer. On August 3, this M2 Competition-based racer will make its debut at the Nordschleife in the VLN Endurance Championship.

While the car is, in fact, a customer team racing car, this specific one will be run by BMW Motorsport, as it will be wearing full camouflage. The point of this race is to put the car through its paces in an extreme racing environment. This way, BMW knows what the racing-spec M2 Comp needs before it goes into the hands of customers. And there’s no better place than the Nordschleife to test it.

BMW M2 Competition

Piloting this new BMW M2 Competition racer will be BMW Motorsport Junior Beitske Visser (NED) and Jörg Weidinger (GER), test and development engineer at BMW M GmbH.

The new car has already completed successful test runs at Mirimas and Portimao, so now its time for the Nordschleife. The goal with this new car has been simple, approachable handling so that even amateur racers can get behind the wheel, have some success and, ultimately have some fun. It’s also been designed to compete in several different forms of motorsport, so it’s more versatile than its M240i precessor.

These BMW M2 Competition customer race cars will be available for delivery in the second quarter of 2020. So BMW still has quite a lot of development ahead.

The last BMW M240i was a good car but this new BMW M2 Competition car should be a significant improvement in every way. As road cars, the M2 Comp and M240i feel like completely different cars, so we can only imagine that the race cars will as well.