The days when diesel engines for convertible drivers were not a thing are now over. Latest generations of Diesel engines come with nearly the silence of a petrol engine, so the mpg-friendly diesels can now be found in a wide range of vehicles.

Take for example BMW who uses their diesel units across the entire lineup, from the entry-level 2 Series Convertible to the recently launched and highly luxurious 8 Series Convertible. The BMW 840d can be the choice of many long-distance drivers, thanks to its power and good fuel consumption.

A new photo production from England shows us the BMW 840d Convertible with the M Sport package and the Dravit Grey metallic color. Thanks to the M package, the 840d can almost be brought to the optical state of the top-of-the-range M850i ​​model.

The wheel of the vehicle shown here are the 20-inch light-alloy wheels Y-spoke 728 M Bicolor, which further emphasize the sporty elegance of the convertible. The shiny chrome elements also contribute to the high-quality appearance, while the optional Extended Shadow Line was deliberately omitted in this case.

Even if the BMW 840d Convertible is clearly in the shadow of the M850i, it can hold its own when it comes to performance. With 320 hp and 680 Newton meters of torque, it guarantees plenty of fun in every situation. From standstill to to 100 km/h, the 2019 BMW 840d Convertible accelerates in 5.2 seconds.

In Germany, the 840d Cabriolet starts at 108,000 euros, but if you love the petrol engines more, then you can pick up the 340-hp 840i Convertible for 102,500 euros.