When we reviewed the BMW X7, we came away seriously impressed. Personally, I don’t like enormous SUVs, so the X7 never seemed to be my cup of tea. After driving it, though, it genuinely changed my mind on it. It drives surprisingly well, it’s incredibly comfortable and has enough space to fit a family of buffalo inside. Don’t just take our word for it, check out Carfection’s BMW X7 review on and off-road.

In this new review, Rory Reid puts the new X7 through its paces. On the road, it’s a shockingly enjoyable car to drive and Reid seems to agree. At first glance, you’d expect the BMW X7 to be a sloppy, squishy thing with no desire to drive at anything more than a relaxed pace. Sit behind the wheel, though, and that perception changes. Quickly. The steering is remarkably accurate for such a big brute and the way it snakes down the road is more akin to a fast luxury car than a big SUV.

Then, Reid takes it off-road. Through a decently tricky odd-road course, the BMW X7 is more than capable. It’s able to climb up rocky hills, slippery slopes and traverse deep water, all without breaking a sweat or pestering the driver in any way. About none-percent of X7 owners will ever drive their car in this manner but it’s nice to know it can handle it. So X7 owners will have peace of mind knowing that their car can handle their gravel driveway at their Summer house in Nantucket.

Overall, the BMW X7 is a much better car than a lot of enthusiasts expected it to be. Most enthusiasts, especially BMW fans, thought the big brute was a Bavarian cash grab, designed to offer an uber-expensive, stretched out X5 to line their pockets. Once you drive it, though, you realize that’s not the case. BMW put a ton of thought and effort into the X7 and it should during every moment behind the wheel.