At the moment, opinions on the new BMW 1 Series hatchback seem to be mixed at best. In fact, we’ve read far more negative comments from our readers and enthusiasts than we have positive ones. Still, we think it’s actually a good looking little car, even if it is based on a front-drive chassis. It looks sportier and more aggressive, more hot-hatch-like, than the outgoing car and it seems to have a more pugnacious attitude. Especially the BMW M135i with M Performance Parts.

During the press launch for the new M135i, we were able to poke around some models loaded to the gills with M Performance Parts. These cars that BMW had on display seem to have had the entire M Performance Parts catalog thrown at them but they look exciting and fun.

BMW M135I xDrive M Performance Parts 16 830x623
BMW M135i with M Performance Parts

In this new video, our own Horatiu walks us through one of the cars BMW had on hand and it looks quite good. With its white paintwork and M-style livery, the BMW M135i in question is a very sporty looking car. Its bark might be a bit bigger than its bite, as it’s just an M Performance car and not a full-blown M car, but it’s still fun.

Inside the BMW M135i, the only real change from the M Performance Parts catalog is to the steering wheel. It features Alcantara at the 9 and 3-o’clock positions and a little red stripe at 12-o’clock. Though, the M135i doesn’t really need much sprucing up inside, as its cabin is already quite sporty. It might not be the flashiest cabin, especially in black, but it still looks good and build quality is great for its segment.

BMW M135I xDrive M Performance Parts 33 830x623

We’ll have more on the BMW M135i as the embargo for driving impressions lifts. So stay tuned to learn more about the brand’s first front-wheel drive-based hot-hatch.