In a lot of ways, the Toyota Supra can be viewed as the coupe version of the BMW Z4. Since both cars are built on the same bespoke sports car chassis, both use the same engine and both have similar steering/suspension setups. Admittedly, the Supra is tuned a bit differently but their hardware packages are essentially the same. So not only does the Supra show what the Z4 M40i can do, and vice versa, but BMW fans should root for it every bit as much as they do the Z4. Which is why it’s very exciting that the Toyota Supra turns out to be very quick on track.

During a recent episode of Top Gear, their tamed racing driver — The Stig — took the Supra around TG’s famous test track and the results are quite surprising.

The Toyota Supra, with The Stig at the wheel, was able to record a 1:23.1 lap time. That’s exactly as fast as a 997-generation Porsche 911 GT3 around the same track. Sure, the 993-gen GT3 is quite old now but it’s still a sensational driver’s car. To put the Supra’s performance into perspective even further, its time is a few tenths behind cars like the Ferrari F430 and Lexus LFA. So that’s seriously quick.

Would a BMW Z4 M40i be able to record the same exact lap time? Maybe not, as it’s tuned a bit softer and its a touch heavier, thanks to its soft-top convertible. Still, BMW claims that the Z4 M40i is faster around the Nurburgring than the standard BMW M2, which is impressive in itself.

It’s just really exciting to see both of these cars continue to perform well. We haven’t yet driven the Supra but we’ve driven each version of the Z4 (among all of us) and we’re excited to get behind the wheel of its Japanese sibling.

[Source: Motor1]