Ever since the MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept debuted awhile back, we’ve been excited for the reveal of the production car. TO be honest, we never thought the actual production car would look like the wild concept but it actually looks more like the concept than we could have imagined. The actual production version of the MINI JCW GP made its camouflaged debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed recently.

While it isn’t quite as wild or radical as the concept on which it’s based, the MINI John Cooper Works GP is probably the coolest looking car from the brand. It’s funky fender blades and massive rear wing make it look very special.

At Goodwood, it’s hard to get noticed, even for a funky MINI. But the JCW GP made its presence known at the famous hill climb. Sure, it wasn’t one of the fastest cars to go up the hill, as there were some genuinely astonishing cars to participate, but it was still impressive.

The MINI John Cooper Works GP is fast for a MINI, packing about 300 hp, but it’s not about straight-line speed. Instead, it’s about agility and track capability. At the Goodwood hill climb, you can see the GP turn in quickly and really change directions with surprising alertness. It seems especially darty, even for a MINI. Which should make it a very exciting little car to drive.

Only around 3,000 GPs will be made and they’re likely to sell out quick. So if you want one, get your check book ready for the upcoming reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show to place your order. It might not be the craziest MINI ever made but, with its wild concept-ready styling, it should be one of the coolest and its limited availability will make it a rare car.