The recently unveiled BMW Vision M Next model could actually enter production, according to BMW development boss, Klaus Frohlich. However, there’s a catch: you really must want it. It may seem peculiar but that’s what Frohlich told journalists at a round table, in Munich, just the other day. The car could be done but it has to be profitable and has to sell, in order for that to happen. Luckily, the people over at BMW are more than willing to provide.

In today’s market, halo cars or supercars are not exactly the way to go. The world seems hellbent on SUVs of all shapes and sizes. Those seem to be the hot ticket right now, so investing heavily in a hybrid supercar doesn’t really make financial sense. If the sales projections are good though, the M Next concept could become reality.

“We deliver what we promise. In the end, I persuaded my CFO to support the project, but the possible road to production is in the hands of all of us – or more importantly, buyers potentially interested in taking home a production version,” said Frohlich according to Motor1.

That’s just the way the world works and car makers are no different than any other company trying to sell a product. According to Frohlich, it wouldn’t even be that hard to make this thing a real car, as it would borrow a lot from the i8. The carbon fiber monocoque tub could be shared, of course, as well as the overall layout, with an internal combustion engine at the back and electric motors up front.

Since we’re talking about a car with 600 HP, the wheels would probably be changed. On the i8, the focus was on getting some eco-friendly miles out of the car as well but on the eventual production BMW Vision M Next, that’s definitely not going to be the point.