The iconic BMW Z8 Roadster is to this date one of the best looking BMWs ever designed in Munich. Produced from 1999 to 2003, the Z8 was featured in the movie The “World is not Enough”, with Pierce Brosnan behind the wheel. At the time of filming of the famous flick, BMW only had a prototype shell and a running test car ready, so provided Propshop at Pinewood Studios with the shell and designs so they could make replica kit cars for the film. The bodywork was moulded from BMW’s prototype shell and was made in two pieces to eliminate gaps in the hood and trunk.

But that’s not the only reason why the Z8 is famous. Only 5,703 Z8s were built in total, 3,160 in for the world market and 2,543 for the US market, making it also one of the rarest BMWs on the then, and especially today.

BMW Z8 Roadster: Stunning photo gallery

There was no successor to the Z8, but there plenty others roadsters released by BMW since. The latest one is the Z4 G29 generation which made its debut last year. As with most recent new BMWs, there were plenty of pundits who felt the design could have been even more imposing.

So to fix that, our friend Roger Lighterness put together an interesting mash up between the Z4 and the Z8 Roadster, and the result is quite intriguing.

The new car sports the proportions of the Z4, but adorned with the beautiful lights of the Z8, the slim grille and the side gills. Even the unique wheels of the Z8 was transposed onto the Z4. Of course, this is simply a rendering exercise and almost never a combination of two cars give birth to a stunning vehicle, but nonetheless, it’s always fun to see these rendering artists playing in Photoshop.