We haven’t even seen the new BMW X6 yet, only its more traditional sibling, the BMW X5. However, despite that, we’ve seen quite a bit of the BMW X6 M, the uber-hot performance variant, in spy photos and videos. This latest video shows off the X6 M yet again doing some hot laps of the Nurburgring.

The video actually starts off at a gas station, watching the BMW X6 M and an M8 Convertible filling up before they take to the ‘Ring. There, we can hear quite a lot of burbling BMW M V8. Though, it’s a bit hard to tell which we’re hearing; the X6 M or the M8 Convertible. Either way, the noise is good.

After a quick fill up, we get to see the BMW X6 M hit the ‘Ring and it looks fast. For an SUV that weighs as much as a moon, it sure is quick. I guess a 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 and 600-plus horsepower will do that. It sounds good, too.

BMW X6 M Competition Leak

Seeing the BMW M8 Convertible isn’t that exciting, as we’ve already seen the official reveal. So we don’t need to see it driving around in camouflage. Still, it’s interesting to see what it can do and how well it can handle the difficult corners of the ‘Ring. Also, we get to hear that noise and that’s never a bad thing.

What this video is really about is the BMW X6 M, as it’s the unknown of the two cars. We know it will pack the same engine as the BMW M5 and M8 but, aside from that, we’re pretty much in the dark. We’re excited to see what becomes of the X6 M, though, as it has the chance to be on of wildest, most hilariously over-capable M Division cars we’ve ever seen.