The current BMW X6 was never the prettiest car in the brand’s lineup. While kind if hilarious in a big, brutish, absurd sort of way, the X6 charms with incongruity more than outright beauty. However, this new generation of X6 that’s on the horizon seems to look quite a bit better. It also seems quite quick, as the BMW X6 M50i was just caught lapping the Nurburgring with its big V8.

We first see the X6 refueling before heading out on the ‘Ring, in this new spy video from Automotive Mike. There, we get to see a close up of its curves and some of its lines. It seems to have a nicely sculpted rear wheel arch and shoulder line, giving it muscular rear haunches. However, they see smoother and prettier than the ones found on the current car.

As it drives around some of the roads surrounding the famous “Green Hell”, we get to hear a little bit of its noise. That’s really how we know it’s an M50i model, rather than the M50d. Its V8 noise is deep and rumbly and most certainly of the petrol-powered variety.

Out on the track, the BMW X6 M50i seems more athletic than an SUV should be, though it’s still not an athlete. It’s more of an offensive lineman that runs an impressive 40 yard dash, rather than a nimble, shifty running back. Still, it can kick-slide like nobody’s business. We also get to hear that V8 scream a bit on track and it sounds good at the top end, with a racy, metallic noise.

While this isn’t the full-blown X6 M, it should still be fast and more exciting than the standard car. Its size and weight won’t make it a proper performance machine but it should add quite a bit of fun to the daily family haul. Plus, if the X5 is anything to go by, it should drive quite a bit better than its predecessor.