The BMW X7 is now available to purchase everywhere in the world. The latest model to be added to the SUV line-up from BMW is also the largest car the Bavarians ever made. However, the proportions have been done right and, from afar, the X7 doesn’t look as big as it really is. Thus, some might confuse it with the X5. In order to set the record straight as to how the two differ, the guys from Autobytel set up a short comparison.

The two are definitely aiming at different demographics. The X5 is the smaller, more agile and less practical model here. To some, it may look better and it is also about $13,000 cheaper. That price difference can be nullified just by ticking a couple of options off the list and that’s why pricing might not be the deciding factor. The X7 is, however, the bigger, more luxurious choice, not to mention more practical.

In exact numbers, the X7 is 2 inches taller and 9 inches longer. That means you get proper seats in the third row, seats that can be used for more than just a short drive to the local mall. Fold them and you get ample room in the boot. The interior is also more luxurious than in the X5 and you get more light in, which adds to the experience. In terms of ground clearance, the two are pretty much alike and that’s fine. Nobody’s gonna take any of them out for off-roading.

Given the smaller size of the X5, the X7 will be less enjoyable to drive. It will lean more into corners and will be slower in a straight line than its similarly-equipped X5 brothers. Nevertheless, not everyone wants to get where they’re going first. Some will want to enjoy the trip and the X7 does a better job at that. For more info on how these two compare, check out the video below.