When we first saw the MINI JCW GP Concept, we immediately thought it would be one of those wild concepts from the BMW Group that looks great but would never get made. We were wrong and we couldn’t be happier about it. The MINI JCW GP is on its way and it looks more like its concept than we could have imagined, which is incredibly exciting. In this new spy video, we get to see a very camouflaged JCW GP lapping the Nurburgring and it looks awesome.

Seen here in very yellow camouflage, the MINI JCW GP already looks like the wildest hot hatch on the planet. Thanks to its awesome fender flares and massive wing, the JCW GP will be one cool looking car. Sure, it will be expensive and limited but for those who do end up getting one, they’ll have quite possibly the most unique hot hatch on the market.

It sounds funny, too. As we watch the JCW GP fly by in this spy video, we can hear it do many farts as it upshifts. They sound a bit absurd but that’s sort of the point of the whole car, isn’t it? It’s designed to be fast, thrilling and obnoxious all at the same time and, judging by its styling and noise, MINI seems to have nailed that design brief.


The MINI JCW GP will likely debut sometime in 2020 and when it goes on sale it will be a very highly sought after car. Not only will it look crazy and likely be hilarious to drive but it will be a very special edition car that should hold its value quite well. It’s not often production cars look like the concepts on which they’re based. The JCW GP is one of the few though and that should be worth the price premium itself.