The all-new BMW M8 Coupe is replacing one of the fans’ favorite cars – the M6 Coupe. Measuring 4,867 millimeters in length, 1,907 millimeters wide and 1,362 millimeters tall, and with a 2,827-millimeter wheelbase, the new BMW M8 Coupe is similar in  size with the M6. By comparison, the M6 Coupe has a length of 4898 mm, and measures 1899 mm in width and 1375 mm in height, while the wheelbase is 2851 mm.

Design wise, there are clear differentiations, mostly because of the new design language at BMW, and also because the 8 Series aims to be sportier and more luxurious than the M6 family.

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The M-style side mirrors, decklid spoiler, added aero bits at the front and quad exhausts all combine to make the BMW M8 even better looking than the already quite beautiful M6 Coupe. It looks especially good in M8 Competition guise, with its carbon fiber mirrors and spoiler, as well as gloss-black trim and badges. It also gets a sort of double-bubble carbon fiber roof, a design that’s mirror in its rear spoiler.

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From the front, the BMW M6 is much tamer and more reserved. Its kidney grilles are reasonably sized, as are its headlights, and its front air intakes are functional but not overly massive. The M8’s kidney grilles are simple massive by comparison and its headlights are very aggressive. Its air intakes are also much larger and its hood is more heavily creased.

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From the rear, the M8 Coupe makes its best case for being better looking than its technical predecessor. Its more muscular haunches, sculpted taillights and larger exhausts just make it so much sportier. As a proper M car, the M8 Convertible looks the part more so than the M6 Convertible does. Again, the 6er is a great looking car but it’s a bit bland by comparison, from the rear.

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In profile, the two look more similar than the do from any other angle. They’re both very low, very long and very pretty. The M8 Coupe looks more aggressive, thanks to its massive Air Breather, massive wheels and black/carbon fiber accents.

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Inside, the BMW M8 is miles ahead of its predecessor. For starters, it gets new seats, with thicker side bolsters and a new diamond-esque inlay pattern. That same new pattern is present on the door panels as well and looks really quite good with a two-tone color scheme.

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A new shift lever is now covered in black leather with red contrast stitching, giving it a more sportier look while also looking more premium than other BMW shifters.

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The steering wheel gets the same red ‘M1’ and ‘M2’ buttons as in the M5 and the digital instrument panel gets the new M style screen option. The M8 Convertible simply looks more expensive, more premium and even sportier.

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So with that being said, let us know in the comments below which one you like best.