2020 will be an exciting year for the BMW M division. Along with the highly-awaited M2 CS, the iconic BMW M3 Sedan will write a new page in the long-standing BMW history. The G80 generation of the M3 will debut early next year with sales arriving by Summer 2020. As it get close to the launch, BMW engineers are putting the final touches on the M3 prototypes by taking them to one of the most race tracks in the world – The Nurburgring.

The video below starts with the M3 on the streets around the track, before it jumps on the concrete bank for some hot laps. The video not only shows the G80 M3’s driving dynamics, but also gives us the sound of the engine and exhaust.


Powering the next M3 will be a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6 engine based on the current B58 engine and will be dubbed “S58”. It’s an all-new engine that will develop between 475-500 hp, as we’ve learned from the BMW X3 M which uses the same engine. Thankfully, no fancy water-injection will be used, as it’s not necessary for the S58 to make so much power.

Not only will it be getting an all-new engine but it will be the first time the M3 will get all-wheel drive. There will also be a Competition model that will be available at launch and it will be the one to push 500 hp or more.

Despite wearing heavy camouflaged, we can make out the shape and some details of the upcoming BMW M3 quite well. And it looks great. It’s styling is obviously similar to that of the G20 3 Series but it’s much more aggressive looking. Much like the current F80 M3, this new G80 version gets seriously flared wheel arches that make its stance wide and athletic looking. It also gets BMW M’s signature quad exhaust pipes, which look fantastic beneath those new taillights.

Judging from the holes in its camouflage at the front, we can tell this new BMW M3 will have very large front air intakes.

Of course, the question remains how big the kidney grille would be, but we’re inclined to believe that it will mimic the one on the G20 3 Series.