BMW X7 vs Land Rover Discovery vs Volvo XC90 T8

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BMW X7 m50d black color 72 830x553

When BMW first launched the X7, it put the brand into territory it hadn’t yet explored. As a true seven-passenger luxury SUV with semi-rugged capability …

When BMW first launched the X7, it put the brand into territory it hadn’t yet explored. As a true seven-passenger luxury SUV with semi-rugged capability (it isn’t really marketed as such but it can handle a muddy trail with surprising aplomb), the X7 is a first for BMW. So how does the BMW X7, the brand’s first attempt at such a vehicle, stack up against veterans of the segment? Auto Express finds out.

In this new comparison test, the BMW X7 takes on the Volvo XC90 T8 and the Land Rover Discovery. Obviously, the latter is the main player here. In some form or another, the Disco has been the go-to car for decades for someone who wants a large, practical SUV that can also handle some rugged terrain. Not only can it handle rugged terrain but it can handle more than almost any other SUV on the market. As for the Volvo XC90, this is only its second generation but the first one ran for so long there are cave drawings of it somewhere in Sweden.

BMW X7 m50d black color 92 830x553

So the X7’s two competitors here are established and excellent. Can the new Bavarian take them on? Turns out, yes it can.

We won’t spoil the end results for you but BMW’s big luxury brute is actually far better of a vehicle than one might expect. Most critics slam the X7 for its massive grilles, odd styling and its seemingly cash-grab nature. However, the BMW X7 is a genuinely well-rounded product and one that’s far more skilled in far more areas than one might expect.

Not only is the X7 beautifully trimmed and incredibly luxurious but it also drives quite well through twisty bends and over harsh bumps. Not only that, it can handle itself in a muddy field and, if you spec its off-road package, even some steep, slippery inclines. Still, it’s no match for the Land Rover when the road disappears but it does have the goods to beat the Volvo here.

BMW X7 m50d black color 74 830x553

Admittedly, it’s the most expensive car in the test but not by too much, which is surprising considering its level of luxury. Check out Auto Express’ test to find out where it placed.

[Source: Auto Express]

2 responses to “BMW X7 vs Land Rover Discovery vs Volvo XC90 T8”

  1. Paulos Alem says:

    I’m mentally exhausted researching this SUV class and I think I’ve actually settled on the Discovery, but only just! A skilled lobbyist might twist my arm to a Range Rover Sport dynamic with third row, full size Range Rover diesel. Sidebar, Land Rover dealers are flexible pricewise compared to the BMW center. Volvo btw, was quickly eliminated from my comparison as it was simply very difficult to take seriously. Some options that I am check marking on the disco are, ready? Wade sensor (realtime graphic on the screen showing you how deep you are in a water crossing,) refrigerator, smart folding seats( you can fold and unfold the seats using your cellphone. Blind spot sensors that is different from the lane changing sensor that’s included, these sensors sense a cyclist from being hit when you open doors , sensing how close before you door ding in a tight spot. Wifi with upgraded 840 watt meridian sound. Extended leather, roof painted in a contrasting color, heated seats all three rows, cooled seats first second row, with front massaging capability. Activity key, air suspension kneel capability to load cargo, street/highway sign reading capability, with cruise to a full stop in heavy traffic, driver condition sensor, fatigue sensor, vision package which let’s you see 360 view including one view that’s through the hood for off roading, I may have forgotten a few options but the window totals $83k area saving over $20k over the X7 which potentially can be used on a sweet E30.

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