BMW has a long history of Art Cars, cars that were used as canvases by some of the world’s greatest artists. So seeing a BMW i8 decorated in art isn’t that unusual. However, this BMW i8 art project was not actually commissioned by BMW and had nothing to do with the Bavarians.

Instead, this project was the work of independent painter and sculptor Thomas Scheibitz. The canvas on which the project was made was an i8 owned by Scheibitz’s long-time close friend Bernd Heusinger. Despite it not being a BMW-commissioned project, the Bavarians are very much interested in it. It also looks very much like an actual BMW Art Car.

If it were an actual Art Car, it’d be among the better ones. It looks great, with vibrant colors and an asymmetrical design, with one side different than the other. Scheibitz has worked on other automotive projects in the past, including both sculptures and paintings.

“Radical content is a question of form. Traditional sculptural concerns such as visual perspectives, detailed imagery, spatial perspectives, qualities of reliefs, symmetry as well as dissolved symmetry and illusion were the starting points for my design of a body of a modern vehicle.” he said about his experimental automobile sculpture “Scheibitz x Haysinger”.

If you like automotive sculpture, the BMW i8 is easy to love and we can see he used it as his canvas this time around. If features so many interesting and unique design elements, including the famous flying buttresses near the taillights. It’s that sort of thing that makes the i8 unique and special looking, which in turn makes it a more attractive car on which to make art.

This is a great looking project and one of the better looking painted BMWs we’ve seen. It might not be an official BMW Art Car but it’s certainly a unique work of BMW art.