The BMW 4 Series is getting closer to production by the day. As we’ve already seen the new 3 Series for quite some time now and deliveries have also already begun, it’s only a matter of time until the 4 Series shows up as well. Part of the new range of models we’ll also get a 4 Series Convertible and the changes done to the new 4er drop top are deeper than you may think at first. For the first time in quite a while, the BMW convertible in this segment will have a soft top.

The 4 Series Convertible is following in the footsteps of the former 3 Series cabriolet. The first model to be offered in such a guise was the E30 3 Series and it had a soft top. Over the years, however, the approach changed and the last 3 Series to be offered in convertible guise was the E93 model which was then replaced by the first ever 4 Series Convertible which, like its predecessor, came with a hardtop. BMW apparently decided to leave that approach behind as the spy video below shows.

And, considering the challenges ahead, it makes sense. Using a soft top drops the weight of the car significantly which, in turn, helps with fuel consumption, emissions and driving dynamics. Sure, the soft top, no matter how advanced it may be, has the obvious drawback of letting more noise protrude into the cabin but that’s a risk you need to take into account when buying a drop top. As for the 4 Series, it will most likely get a warm welcome.

The Coupe will be unveiled first and we’re rather curious to see how it’s going to shape up. Rumors claim it will be significantly different compared to the 3 Series and that its kidney grilles will look roughly the same as on the i4 Concept. If you remember that car, you probably remember its grilles were rather big. The convertible will follow shortly after.