We’ve seen quite a few spy photos of the upcoming BMW 4 Series Convertible. Surprisingly, very little, if any at all, has been seen of the future 4 Series Coupe. You’d think it’d be the opposite but we’ve shockingly seen far more of the drop-top 4er than the hard-top. So we don’t really know what it’s going to look like. If it looks anything like this render, it should be quite good looking, though.

In this new rendering, we get to see a BMW 4 Series Coupe that looks very much like a mashup between the 3 Series and the 8 Series. Which is actually quite likely, to be honest. From the B-pillar forward, it looks like a sleeker 3 Series, with basically the same face but with slimmer headlights. From the B-pillar backward, it actually reminds me personally of the E92 3 Series Coupe.

What’s interesting is that the rendering artist gave it a similar Hofmeister Kink as the new 3 Series, which is unique to that car, but made it smaller and more traditional. Out back, though, it sports 8 Series taillights, to give it a rump that’s similar to the brand’s flagship car.

Also, judging by spy photos of the 4 Series Convertible, we think the entire 4 Series range will be a bit more luxurious, more GT-like, than the previous model. It seems as if BMW is pushing the 4er more toward 8 Series territory, leaving the 2 Series as the sporty small coupe in the lineup. Though, if it ends up looking like this render, we wouldn’t be too disappointed.

4 Series Convertible for reference

This new render looks pretty realistic. If BMW were to debut this render as the new 4 Series Coupe tomorrow, its design wouldn’t be all that surprising. Though, we are hoping for something a bit sportier than this render, as the 4er is supposed to be the sportier version of the 3 Series.

[Source: Kolesa.ru]