ALPINAs hold a very special place in the hearts of BMW enthusiasts. It’s not that the production versions on which their based aren’t exciting cars but ALPINA just seems to come up with the best concoctions. Also, they’re quite rare, so seeing one in the flesh, or getting to see what driving one from the driver’s seat is like, isn’t something one gets to do everyday. Which is why this new POV drive video from AutoTopNL is cool to watch, as we get to see the E61 ALPINA B5 S Touring taken for a spin.

The E61-generation ALPINA B5 S Touring was and is a very interesting car. It’s based on the old E61-generation 5 Series Touring but is much more special than the car on which it’s based. On the outside, it doesn’t look too different from a standard E61, aside from the classic ALPINA wheels, but it’s on the inside where things get different.

Its leather is gorgeous and that bright woodwork is stunning and really enhances a cabin that never really looked great, at least to the eyes of one very fashion-impaired journalist (hint: me). Also, this might be the best iteration of the BMW/ALPINA gauges, as they look fantastic.

But you’re not hear to wonder about gauges. Instead, you want to know about power, right? Well, under the Bangle-sculpted hood lies a 4.4 liter supercharged V8 that makes 530 hp. IT’s interesting that it’s supercharged because supercharging has all but been abandoned by automakers today, especially BMW and ALPINA. However, this car is supercharged and you can hear its supercharger whine in this video, which is quite cool.

Personally, I was never a big fan of the E60-generation 5 Series. My parents own one and I just never really liked it. However, I’d buy and drive the hell out of this E61 ALPINA B5 S.