One of the biggest open secrets right now in Munich is the BMW M2 CS. The Bavarians have yet to officially acknowledge the top of the range M2, but several spy photos and videos have already revealed some details of the upcoming M2 CS. We’ve been also writing about the car for a couple of years now when the project was still in the planning phase, so we’re excited that, finally, in 2020, the BMW community will get a special M model.

Today, we have a new video to share with you, hailing from Nurburgring, where an M2 CS prototype was spotted. The video not only takes us around the car for a close look at its design, despite being camouflaged, but it also lets hear its engine from upclose. At a first glance, it’s fair to say that the engine and exhaust note of the M2 CS sounds better than the M3/M4, so that gives us hope for a truly special car.

The March 2020 production will give the M2 CS about a year run before the M2 is being replaced by the next generation. In a way, the limited run is similar to what the 1M Coupe was in 2011. Whether the unit numbers are limited artificially or by the plant output, is unknown at this time, but nonetheless, it won’t be easy to get your hands on one of them.

Just like the M2 Competition, the CS model will make use of the S55 engine, but with slightly more power. The M2 Competition’s S55 engine develops 405 HP and that’s not even close to the real potential that mill has. On the CS the levels could go up to 415 HP but that’s not important. The focus will be on the handling and weight, not the added power, as BMW proved that’s the least of one’s worries when pushing a car to the limit.

The M2 CS will likely bring a tuned up suspension and steering rack, more powerful brakes and some aero bits as well. Inside we will likely see some trims and seats specific to the M2 CS model.

With a March 2020 production date, we expect to see the new M2 CS in early 2020.