Now that the BMW M2 Competition is here, the standard M2 seems a bit tame. With just 365 hp, the regular M2 is quite a few ponies shy of the 405 hp M2 Comp. So owners of the standard M2 might feel like they want to bump power up a bit. If that’s the case, the fellows at Evolve Automotive have just made their most powerful M2 yet and it might sport an attractive package for owners.

In this new video, we see the process of building Evolve’s most powerful M2. The BMW M2’s standard N55 makes 365 hp, as previously mentioned. This newly tuned version makes a whopping 520 hp. That’s over one hundred horsepower more than the always bonkers-fast M2 Competition.

How did they make 520 hp from just a standard BMW M2 N55 engine? First, they replaced its standard turbocharger with a newer, and bigger, hybrid turbo and diverter valve. Because of that bigger turbocharger, they also had to fit a new high-pressure fuel-pump, which is needed to keep up with the higher boost. And because the N55 gets quite hot on its own, and added boost won’t help, Evolve also added a JB4 Water Methanol Injection Kit, to keep charge temperatures down and increase octane.

In addition, an Eventuri intake, upgrade spark plugs, an engine tune and some other various accompanying upgrades were made to the engine. So it’s a comprehensive tune that makes a ton of power and seems to be quite reliable, thanks to the new fuel pump and methanol injection.

After taking it to the dyno, the tuned BMW M2 was seen to make 520 hp, which was up from the standard car’s 360 hp, which was rated before the tune. That’s a big upgrade in power. So much so, honestly, that I might be afraid to drive an M2 with so much power. Still, it’s impressive to see that much power come from an N55 engine with just a few upgrades.