In this new spy video, we get to see a group of new front-wheel drive BMWs doing some testing (what is a group of FWD Bimmers called? A School? A Pack? A Herd?). Among them is the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, a car that will also share the brand’s front-wheel drive architecture despite its Coupe sibling being rear-wheel drive. Honestly, the Germans are supposed to be the sensible, pragmatic people in the industry but their new naming schemes are nonsensical. But I digress.

The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe we see in this video is covered heavily in camouflage. That makes it very difficult to make out any of its details or design cues. However, we can see a bit and, after seeing it in motion among other cars, we can also get a good judge of its size. Spoiler alert: it’s small.

Despite its front-wheel drive layout, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe should actually be a lot of fun. BMW has proven itself as a maker of fun front-drive cars now and we suspect this new 2er won’t be any different. Its tiny size, short overhangs and punchy engines should make it a blast to drive, regardless of its driven wheels.

It should look quite good as well. There aren’t many design elements we can see in this video but from what we can see, it looks good. It seems to sport a smooth Gran Coupe body,  a traditional enough Hofmesiter Kink and 8 Series-like taillights. We also get to see what looks like an M Performance version of the new 2er, as it sports bigger wheels, a small decklid spoiler and rectangular exhausts. It looks better like that.

We’re actually very intrigued by this new 2 Series. While it might not be the purist of BMWs to debut in a long time, it should still be a lot of fun to drive.