If you’ve seen Evolve Automotive’s F80 M3, code-named “Project Vyper”, you’d know that it’s been tuned quite a bit. Everything from an engine tune to bigger turbochargers (both of which help it make 605 hp, by the way) to aerodynamic tweaks have been fitted to the ‘Vyper’. However, the suspension remained relatively untouched. So Imran at Evolve decided to change that.

The only suspension modification done to the incredibly green BMW M3 was a set of Intrax springs. The stock electronically-adjustable dampers remained. In both purely stock and lowered forms, Imran wasn’t happy with the suspension setup of the BMW M3. He felt that it wasn’t compliant enough while also not being stable enough. So he decided to replace them with a set of Bilstein B6 EDC (Electronic Damper Control) dampers.

Bilstein has been one of the premiere names in suspension tuning forever and it’s hard to go wrong with any of its setups. But Imran was still a bit curious as to whether or not it would make much of a difference. Turns out, those B6 dampers make a world of a difference.

Because they work with the car’s stock suspension modes, you can adjust them from Comfort to Sport or even Sport Plus, just like the standard M3 suspension. In Comfort mode, the Bilstein B6 dampers, with the same Intrax springs as before, apparently feel significantly better. It’s far more comfortable and compliant than before while also feeling more stable and eliminating most of the car’s body roll.

In Sport  and Sport Plus modes, it’s the car obviously becomes stiffer and stiffer but it’s still compliant enough for everyday use. So the new suspension setup really transforms the car. It also helps keep the rear end more planted, allowing it to put down its substantial power better. Have an M3 and feel that it’s a bit too sketchy, a bit too tail-happy to drive quickly? Try a new suspension setup.