If you’re reading us on the regular you probably saw the pieces we wrote about Hoovie’s Garage and his ‘ultra cheap’ BMW E60 M5. The M5 models of that particular generation are known to be quite a handful on the long run and buying one without knowing its full history is a pretty serious gamble as fixing it can get expensive real quick. That’s exactly what happened here, Hoovie buying, as usual, the cheapest M5 he could find.

At $6,500 not a lot can be expected and he did buy the car knowing almost nothing about it, from a Honda dealer. Luckily for him, he has a very adept following and his fans were able to help him out with a couple of things while fixing the car up. He actually ended up spending a lot less on fixing it than initially thought and that’s quite something. Even so, he doubled his investment while straightening things up and was looking at roughly $13,000 once he was ‘done’. I’m using quotes because, as we all know, project cars are never truly ‘done’.

In this video he tells us that after a sort of ‘intervention’ he decided to sell some of his cars and he started with the troublesome M5. Apparently, there was someone interested in it, someone who apparently didn’t see his videos. Mike is his name and, according to Hoovie, he drove down there with a friend of his who is a BMW technician. That friend, after taking a close look at the car, gave his OK for the purchase and the M5 was sold for $10,500.

That’s considerably better than what I expected. The more interesting thing is that Mike is actually giving his BMW technician friend his current E39 M5 and he’s sticking with the E60. That’s right, he’s giving away his manual E39 M5 for the SMG E60 M5. He must really love that V10 engine.