The BMW M850i xDrive is definitely winning some people over. At first, some people were skeptical about the reincarnation of the 8 Series especially since they’re regarded it as just a repackaged 6 Series. But people are starting to be slowly won over and recent reviews reflect that.

It’s the case of the guys from Throttle House, who initially started their review of the M850i with a bit of doubt. The thing is, looking at the new 8 Series from the outside you immediately notice just how big it is. That said, once you get in and behind the wheel, you don’t expect it to be so lively and agile and yet, it is. The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 does a lot of the work, to be honest, but then again it’s the chassis that also chips in quite a lot.

Since the car comes fitted with Active Integral Steering too, it feels even better than one would think, making it one of the best GTs in its segment. Take it on a couple of backroads and it is rewarding. Take it on the highway and it is deemed ‘King of the Road’ as the video review points out. It’s not just the 8 Series that makes you feel that way though, but most GT cars with similar price tags.

In the end, the new M850i xDrive left a good impression. Is it worthy of the 8 Series nameplate? For some people it never will but for others it’s a good car and that’s about it. Now let’s see what the upcoming M8 models bring to the table.