Straight from some of the darkest corners of the internet, we’re bringing you an interesting, unofficial world record that involves a BMW E30 M3 shell and a Toyota Supra engine. Yes, we’re referring to the originals here, not the modern day takes, that share almost everything between them except some body parts. The E30 M3 we’re talking about here has apparently broken the world record for the fastest car on ice, with an average run of 341.45 km/h or 212.16 mph.

The footage below shows how the record-breaking run was done and boy, I can’t figure out how the hell that car set off with considering the size of the driver’s balls. If you’ve ever driven on ice or even snow, you probably know just how focused you have to remain just to keep the car going straight. Not to mention the stress you go through. Well, this man not only did that but he seems to be quite good at it at speeds over 200 mph.

The video is terrifying but there are a couple of interesting bits to mention. There’s plenty of room on either side for the car to slide in case something goes wrong. There’s a reason why a massive frozen lake was chosen for this endeavor. Furthermore, the car seems to be fitted with studded tires which drastically improve traction. That’s not to say you won’t spin though, especially at those speeds. There’s also the GPS speed shown on the dash, as a conventional speedometer would probably be way off.

The car was build by Buldre Racing Team and uses a Toyota 2JZ engine pushed to 1,300 HP according to them. Not a lot of info is shared about the car though, apart from the fact that it’s a turbo and that it comes with some safety features which might not do a lot in case of a crash. The previous record was apparently held by an Audi B5 S4 which was also tuned but had all-wheel drive.