In a surprising twist of fate, the last known unregistered factory BMW E30 M3 body shell surfaced in Texas, of all places, not somewhere in Bavaria as you’d probably expect. The news came through today, as the owner took to Twitter to announce it is for sale. The price, you ask? A cool $30,000 for now. Is that too much? Well, it depends on how you look at it. If you’re looking for a great return on your investment, it’s not a high price but if you’re thinking that’s the kind of money that could get you a new Acura, this is not for you.

The claim that this is the last known chassis of the iconic E30 M3 in brand new guise hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but considering the M3 has been out of production for nearly 30 years and how high prices have gone lately, causing a near ‘gold rush’ for mint M3s, it’s quite possible that it may be the real deal. The body shell is still wearing the grey primer it left the factory with and has the part number visible on a couple of places.

However, if you’re reaching for your check book right now, you should know that there’s going to be a lot of work to be done if you’re looking to create your own brand new BMW E30 M3 from scratch. Sure, you have the body shell but you’re going to need everything else too. From fenders to doors, seats and even the engine and they will be hard to source. After building it, your car will have to get a VIN tag, as this bit of history doesn’t have one of those either.

It would be a great experiment though and the end result could be a brand new BMW E30 M3. It would be nice if BMW themselves got involved, kinda like what Porsche did a while back, when they found a stock body shell around their plant and brought to life a brand new 993 911 Turbo dubbed Project Gold. Maybe this should be BMW’s own Project Gold.