We’ve seen the new BMW M5 going up against its main rival, the Mercedes-AMG E63 S a couple of times already and the results have been mixed. Some races show the M5 as the winner while others peg the E63 S as the faster car but the thing is, this comparison isn’t exactly fair, as the Competition model should take on the S version of the Mercedes camp. Nevertheless, even the standard M5 has proven to be quite a hard nut to crack a couple of times.

In this video we get to see these two go at it again, this time in Russia. This footage was recorded at one of the events hosted by the guys from Dragtimes. Their 500 Unlim events are rather well known already and they are famous for hosting well organized venues for people with extremely fast cars to showcase their cars’ might on the drag strip. Both cars shown here are bone stock so the results should be easily be achieved by prospective owners.

There are three races happening here and all of them have the exact same outcome, with the M5 coming out on top. The speeds recorded are also very impressive. In the first run, the M5 does the 1/4 mile in 11.042 seconds, with a trap speed of 251.39 km/h. The second race has a different M5 covering the same 1/4 mile in 11.141 seconds and a top speed of 246.49 km/h while the last race shows a time of 10.984 seconds which is unbelievably quick for a car of this size.

Basically, a stock M5 is shown here to drop in the 10s and that’s incredible. The E63 S’s best 1/4 mile run has it clocked at 11.436 seconds which is still quite impressive. It would’ve been great if a Competition M5 was there too, just to see how much of a difference those extra 25 HP could’ve made.