Awhile back, Evolve Automotive decided to create a BMW M2 GTS of sorts. Essentially, the idea was to take a BMW M2 and give it similar upgrades as the M4 GTS. Obviously, it wouldn’t have the water-injection system but that’s a bit unnecessary anyone. Instead, it would get similar looks, aerodynamics and handling upgrades. It was a cool and interesting project that Evolve is still working on.

In this new video from Evolve, they do some very minor visual upgrades but ones that end up making a big difference. The first of which is very subtle but it does make the M2 GTS look better and it’s one they did on their F90 BMW M5. They replaced the vertical reflectors on the rear bumper with black honeycomb plastic bits that look like vents but are obviously fake, as there was originally a reflector there.

This is a very small visual change but it does make a difference. The reflectors seemed a bit like an afterthought so just having a little piece of black plastic trim looks better.

The next upgrade is bigger and makes an even bigger difference and that’s fitting M4-style side mirrors. One of the biggest complaints about the standard M2 was its standard 2 Series side mirrors. With those regular mirrors, the regular M2 just didn’t feel as special as the M4 is to the regular 4 Series. And it’s something BMW noticed because for the M2 Competition the Bavarians changed to M4-style side mirrors.

So fitting their BMW M2 GTS with M4-style mirrors makes it look more like a modded M2 Competition and gives it some extra style. It’s technically a small upgrade but makes a big difference. The only difference between these mirrors and the actual M4 mirrors is the fact that the M2 mirrors still have turn signals built in, whereas the M4’s do not. So the kit comes with some tint for them to make them look more like M4 mirrors. Though, I think it looks good as it is.

It’s crazy what such small visual changes can do to the overall appearance of a car. Little touches like that makes the M2 GTS look even more special.