Last year, not long after the BMW M5 was unveiled, the guys from AC Schnitzer were among the first to unveil a tuning kit for the monster and they really went for it. The so-called ACS5 Sport came prepared with plenty of carbon fiber in all the essential places and a more than noteworthy upgrade for the engine, to list just a few of the modifications done to it. Joe Achilles was lucky enough to travel to Aachen and try one out.

The video he put together is a bit long though and you might want to make sure you have enough time to watch it, as it is over 36-minutes long. Nevertheless, it covers the car in its entirety, from the visual and aero upgrades to the way it drives. On the outside you’ll notice that AC Schnitzer stuck to its guns and applied the same recipe to this car as usual. Up front we’re looking at a new bumper spoiler made of carbon fiber, there are new side sills thrown in for good measure too as well as a new carbon fiber diffuser housing an additional brake light, a la Formula 1.

The quad tailpipes tell you there’s a new exhaust fitted on this thing while the massive carbon fiber wing on the boot lets you know this M5 needs extra downforce to make sure it doesn’t fly away. All jokes aside, this thing is a looker and definitely exudes confidence, as a 720 HP car should. Oh, yes, this thing has 720 HP under the hood, as it is based on the M5 Competition, which is already ludicrously powerful with its 625 HP.

The car also comes with adjustable suspension if you want it to, which can lower the ACS5 Sport’s ride height by a variable amount, up to 50 mm. All in all, this is quite a transformed car and it’s interesting to see Joe’s take on how it changed, especially if you’re thinking about buying an M5 and transforming it into an ACS5 Sport yourself.