BMW took us all by surprise by unveiling the M5 Competition model shortly after the regular F90 M5 arrived. Unlike on previous occasions, this time the Germans launched the two nearly at the same time, prompting a lot of us to take notice. How come they were so bold. Are the cars truly that different that they didn’t fear they’d cannibalize the sales for each other? According to Joe Achilles, the answer seems to be a pretty resounding yes.

He had the privilege to drive the standard M5 for about 1,000 miles when it was first launched and really got to know it good. Now he’s had the Competition model all to himself for about a week and loved it so much he ended up driving it for roughly the same amount just so that he could form a good idea as to what’s different between them. Apart from the specs, he also wanted to take notice of how the two feel like in real life.

The Competition comes with a couple of very interesting hardware changes compared to the M5. It rides 7mm lower and you’d probably be inclined to say that won’t make a huge difference but the amount of millimeters has little to do with it. The Competition rides lower because it has a different setup underneath. It has a 10 percent stiffer suspension, new anti-roll bars at the back while the front ones are fitted on different mounts altogether. The engine mounts are stiffer as well, while the front wheels have negative camber, all in an effort to enhance the driving dynamics of a car that shouldn’t be able to do what it does in the first place.

So how does all that translate into real life? Pretty darn awesome according to Joe here. The two cars are extremely different and while one can be perceived as a highway missile, the other one will do great on a track, without breaking a sweat.