Diesel sales are going though a tough time right now and chances of them recovering are slim, at most. The decline in popularity started with the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal in 2015 and now Europe is seeing record lows in terms of diesel sales. That seems to be the case in other parts of the world as well but for some cars, diesel just makes sense as the go-to fuel. That’s especially true if we’re talking about big, heavy SUVs such as the new BMW X5.

The guys from Car Advice over in Australia reviewed the new car and came up with some interesting suggestions. The most important one would be that the xDrive30d model is the most logical choice you could make and I do tend to agree with them. I tested the M50d model last year and while the quad-turbo diesel engine under the hood of that car is a modern marvel of technology, I don’t think you need the 400 horses under the hood all the time.

The xDrive30d model on the other hand, has a simpler, single-turbo 3-liter straight six diesel mill under the hood, making 265 HP and 620 Nm of torque. Those figures are more than enough to get your kid to school and then go to work in the city, where these cars will most likely be used. But let’s say you live in Australia and you have to travel between Melbourne and Brisbane. Which X5 model would you get? That’s right, the xDrive30d for its efficiency and especially long range.

A full tank of diesel would probably land you close to 500 miles of range and that’s most likely the best you can hope for on any X5 of today’s range. Sure, we all love a gas-powered V8 and maybe even an M model but for those looking for a good mix of just enough power, low fuel consumption and long range, the xDrive30d is the one to go for, as you’re about to see in the video below.