Typically, if you wanna have some fun in the snow, a rear-wheel drive BMW M car with at minimum 425 hp and 406 lb-ft of twin-turbocharged torque is no the ideal weapon of choice. Typically, you might want something with more grip, such as an Audi RS4 Avant. The rear answer, though, is actually a question — why not both? In this video, two friends have some fun on a dark, twisty, snow-covered road in the woods; one in a BMW M4 and the other in a B8-gen Audi RS4 Avant.

The video is from the perspective of the Audi driver, with the camera facing out of the windshield. Honestly, we’re happy that’s the case, as the video allows you to hear the RS4’s rip-snorting 4.2 liter naturally-aspirated V8 while watching the M4 get very sideways. The BMW M4 is known to be a handful on dry pavement. Imagine having to drive it quickly in relatively deep snow, at night, with no lights to speak of?

It’s also pretty remarkable how stable the Audi RS4 seems to be at speed in the snow. Quattro does an excellent job managing the traction and the fact that its engine is naturally-aspirated, its torque comes on smoothly and linearly. While the BMW M4 has a twin-turbocharged sledgehammer of a torque curve that sends its might to just two rear wheels. So it so easily gets sideways and it looks hilarious. Driving the Audi RS4 looks like being in control of a wild animal. The BMW M4 looks like a bucking bronco, completely out of control.

This looks like so much fun and we’d love to do this in either car. It’s very dangerous, of course, so we wouldn’t actually recommend it. However, if done safely, it looks like an absolute blast, especially in two awesome cars such as these.