You may remember that Jalopnik recently drove a BMW 2500 across the United States, from Seattle to Manhattan. The specific car they drove was a bit worn, with a lot of miles and had its share of small issues. Still, it was a reliable and dependable steed that took them almost 3,000 miles without a single hiccup. So they’re great classics to own. However, if you liked that car but want one with far less wear and tear, this 1973 BMW 2500 could be your huckleberry.

This specific ’73 BMW 2500 is basically a time machine (and it looks better than the DeLorean, which is ugly. Fight me). It has 58,000 original miles on it, which isn’t brand-spanking new mileage, but it’s in such pristine condition that it looks like it’s been rolled off the showroom floor in 1973. It’s gorgeously well-kept and maintained, with not a single significant scratch, dent or imperfection.

The BMW 2500 is powered by a 2.5 liter inline-six engine; the old-school, turbine-smooth, naturally-aspirated sort of BMW I6 that we know and love. It’s a fantastic, if slightly under-powered (148 hp), engine. However, what it lacks in power it makes up for in durability and silky-smoothness.

That engine is mated to a four-speed manual gearbox and powers just its rear-wheels, as the Car Gods intended. So it’s an honest, simple and enjoyable classic BMW to drive.

Speaking of how it drives, the BMW 2500 is no sports car. It’s softly sprung, comfortable and smooth. Sure, it was capable back in its day but it’s no E46 M3. It’s far more geared toward being a competent and comfortable luxury sedan, one that’s lovely to drive everyday but can also be enjoyable on a twisty mountain road.

It also has classic, handsome looks with a simple but elegant interior. Personally, I love the classic three-spoke steering wheel, wood veneers and old-school stereo.

Unfortunately, it’s not very cheap. This time-machine car is currently for sale in the UK for £29,950 ($38,171), which is a lot for any BMW of that era. You can certainly find them for much, much cheaper than that, albeit with more miles and in worse condition, but more reasonably priced examples in good condition can be had cheaper for sure. Still, if you want one that’s basically a time machine, this car might be worth it for you.

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