The automotive world has a certain way of doing things and it seems like tradition is tough to break free of. One of these unwritten customs is to make every new generation bigger than the previous one. It’s a known fact that people somehow are asking for more space every time a new model comes out and the car makers have to abide to their customer base. The new 3 Series is no exception, being considerably bigger than the F30 model it replaces. But with this new increase in every direction, the G20 model is now bigger than a lot of other cars out there.

Defined as a compact executive sedan in the US, I’m guessing the definition of a compact car will have to change in the future, considering just how big cars are getting. The new 3er is now 185.4 inches long or some 4,709 millimeters, making it longer than the first X5, for example. Yes, the new 3 Series model is now officially longer than the E53 X5 which, when aligned next to a ruler, would tap out at 4,666 millimeters.

The current 3 Series is also quite a bit longer than some compact SUVs of today. The Mercedes-Benz GLC for example, is 4,656 millimeters long, while the Audi Q5 is a bit closer at 4,663 millimeters. Those are supposed to be the rivals of the BMW X3 which is considered by many the SUV alternative from BMW to the 3 Series. And they’d be right, as the two are almost identical in terms of length, the X3 being just 1 millimeter shorter.

Then there’s the Mercedes-Benz Citan Tourer, an MPV of sorts, that’s supposed to be quite a practical choice for those looking to combine luggage space with five rather comfortable seats. The Citan is 4 millimeters shorter than the G20 3 Series. Last but not least, I’ll have to include an Italian thoroughbred here. The Ferrari LaFerrari, the iconic hypercar from Monza is 4,702 millimeters long. So if you do get a new 3 Series, you can tell your friends it’s longer than a LaFerrari.