When it arrives in 2019, the first BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe will not only make use of a front-wheel drive architecture developed in Munich, but also of electric motors in higher-powered models. If desired, the 2er Gran Coupe could send the power to all four wheels, thanks to its xDrive system. At 4.5 meters long, the new 2er Gran Coupe is longer than the upcoming 1 Series and slightly shorter than the new G20 3 Series Sedan.

The top engine in the 2 Series Gran Coupe will produce 252 horsepower, but in order to offer an M Performance model, the power will be further enhanced by an additional electronic module, which could deliver 65 kW of power and 165 Nm of torque.

Analogous to the G20 3 Series, the 2er Gran Coupe could be offered with the 143 hp three-cylinder . Alternatively, a 2.0-liter petrol engine with 197 hp and three diesel units with 156, 197 and 240 hp are also part of the lineup.

The 2er Gran Coupé takes a big step in terms of operation, networking and digitization. Inside, a new digital cockpit is used, which relies on fewer switches and mostly on the voice control delivered by the BMW Intelligent Assistant “Hey BMW.” The focus is on integrating the car as a companion in the daily routine.

The production will kick off in July 2019 and all cars will come with the M Sport configuration as standard. This includes a more muscular body, a non-adaptive, extra stiff suspension, M Sport brakes, steering rack and 18″ wheels. Sport seats will come as standard while M Sport ones will be offered as an option.