The design of the new 3 Series got a mixed reception. Some like the way it looks while others find the front end – especially the headlights – a bit unnerving. Nevertheless, BMW claims the new 3 Series has what they call ‘Responsive Design’. What does that mean? Well, apparently everything in the new BMW 3 Series has been designed to respond to you and the world around you. From the Gesture Control features to the BMW Welcome Light Carpet, that’s how the car responds to you.

However, the most important new feature must be the Intelligent Personal Assistant, which learns and remembers driver behavior, and should be able to integrate the journey within your everyday life. Then there’s also the new iDrive system 7.0 available with the Live Professional Cockpit option. It comes with the latest features, allowing you to customize its layout more than ever. There’s a parking assistant thrown in as well alongside a reversing assistant as well, if you need it.

Technology is great but the driving dynamics are what defined the 3 Series over its long history. For that particular area the engineers developed a car that is significantly more aerodynamic, thanks to a reduction in weight of up to 55kg. This not only helps deliver greater agility, but also reduces emissions. Furthermore, the tightened suspension seemingly improved the driving experience according to just about every review out there.

The one six-cylinder model in the range available starting next year is also the most desirable one: the M340i xDrive. Coming with up to 382 HP in the US, the car will definitely offer a preview of what the big dog, the M3, should bring to the table in the future. Until then, let’s enjoy the ‘standard’ 3 Series, in the footage below.