The new BMW X5 is bringing a lot of new tech to the table and a new platform underneath. Compared to the old F15 model, that’s a big jump, as the underpinnings are all brand new, adding up to a superior experience from all points of view. And while we enjoyed our time in the new X5, even in M Performance model guise, we can’t help but wonder what the upcoming X5 M will bring to the table. That question’s especially tricky considering how good the F85 X5 M is nowadays.

With the new CLAR platform underneath, we should expect a drop in weight which would be the perfect thing to enhance even the current F85 model. Under the hood the 4.4-liter V8 engine will be reworked to deliver more power and torque while the transmission might be swapped for the M xDrive system on the F90 M5. All of this will make the upcoming model one of the best high-performance SUVs on the market, one that you can actually take to the track if you really, really want to.

But today we’re taking a look at how the current version handles itself in the SUV universe. The footage below shows a drag race between what seems to be a stock X5 M and a tuned Mercedes-AMG G63 model. The AMG G-Wagon apparently has over 700 HP working for it thanks to a new exhaust, new mufflers, downpipes and cats along with a new ECU map, courtesy of Renntech. That’s quite an improvement over the standard horsepower output but there are a number of factors at play here though.

The BMW X5 M is stock, which means it has 575 HP and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque at its disposal to go up against the more powerful AMG. However, horsepower figures are just one thing to keep in mind here. The G63 AMG rides on a considerably older platform and, while it is undoubtedly fast, its aerodynamics and transmission don’t help out at all, rendering the HP advantage almost useless.