The BMW G05 X5 is already here and deliveries have kicked off around the world. The new X5 is a brilliant machine as I personally found out recently during a couple of days behind its wheel but a lot of people are actually waiting for the new X6. The upcoming G06 X6 is set to arrive next year and it’s bound to be quite an improvement over the outgoing model, similar in scale to the difference between the old and new X5.

Understandable too, as the two are basically sharing everything except the body from the B-Pillar towards the back. The Sports Activity Coupe model will have a different styling, as we’ve grown used to over the last decade or so. It will be less practical but more stylish, appealing to a niche that wants a massive SUV with a sloped roofline. The prototype has been spotted out on B-roads for a change by some nifty camera people and it looks imposing.

From what we can make out, the taillights might actually have a design that’s sort-of upside down compared to what we’re seeing today. Most likely, the new X6 will look a lot like combination between the new X5 and a bigger X4. While most of the technical bits underneath it will be shared with the X5, the design might share a lot with the X4. We can’t really make out enough details to offer an educated guess though, due to the new camo the Germans are using.

Engine wise expect the same choices as on the X5. We’ll get a couple of petrol choices in the US, such as the xDrive40i and M50i models, while European will also get their beloved xDrive30d and M50d versions. As for the X6 M, chances are we’ll get to see it next year as well, along with the upcoming X5 M as they will share most of the specs.