There’s a lot of different BMW spy photos being released today. We aren’t complaining, as we’ll always take sneak peaks of upcoming BMWs. It’s just surprising, is all. The latest photos are of the upcoming BMW X6, which was caught on a South Carolina highway, the X6’s home State. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

While we’ve seen a lot of the new BMW X5, including official photos and videos, BMW has been rather quiet about the X6. That’s interesting because they’re both built on the same chassis and will have the same powertrains, technology and interiors (mostly).

In these photos, the BMW X6 seems to have been designed with a similar language as the new X4. So the way its roof tapers off is much more gradual, much smoother than on the outgoing X6. It looks far less like an SUV that was rear ended by a car and fused together.

Up front, the new face of the BMW X6 seems similar to that of the X5, though that’s no surprise. The two are basically twins from the B-pillar forward. However, it does looks much sportier than the X5 overall.

The car in question seems to be the six-cylinder version of the X6, likely the X6 xDrive40i. It seems to ride a bit tall, has pretty normal looking wheels for a BMW SUV and sports silver, rectangular exhaust tips that are similar to those of BMW 540i. So it doesn’t seem aggressive enough to be a BMW X6 M50i.

It’s said that the BMW X6 won’t be debuted until next year and that it could eventually go on sale as a 2020MY car. I don’t know about you but it seems incredibly odd to me to see a car with 2020 as its model year.

We have pretty high expectations for the upcoming BMW X6. The new X5 a great looking, very luxurious new SUV with awesome tech and should sport some really impressive driving dynamics for an SUV of its size, from what we hear. The BMW X4 is also a surprisingly fun version of the X3. So with those two things in mind, the BMW X6 is shaping up to be a more fun, more interesting version of the X5, a car we’re already excited about.

[Source: Motor1]