In America, a new 3 Series wagon is about as exciting as learning Benjamin Moore has a 700th new shade of brown paint. However, in Europe, a new 3 Series wagon is the bee’s knees. That’s because wagons are very popular in Europe (and we wish they were here in the US), so the upcoming G21 BMW 3 Series Touring is very exciting, indeed. Some new spy photos have surfaced of the G21 with most of its camouflaged removed, except for the important bit — it’s butt. (We don’t own the photos but check them here)

Judging from the photos, and to these eyes, the G21 BMW 3 Series Touring seems to actually be better looking than the sedan on which it’s based. Personally, I like the look of the new 3 Series but its ass end is too reminiscent of the Lexus IS. I just don’t love the way the rump of the new 3er came out. The Touring versions fixes that and makes it much more palatable.

3 Series Touring Rendering

In the photos, we can see a lot of pictures of the red 3er, which is just wearing its normal body kit with its sideways “Y” shape foglights that many enthusiasts dislike. However, there’s a black car wearing the M Sport package and it looks much sportier. Though, the standard car is starting to look better now that we’ve had some time to adjust to it. It was a bit odd at first but it’s growing on us.

This new BMW 3 Series Touring seems like it’s shaping up to be a good looking wagon and one that can seriously compete with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class wagon and the Audi A4 Avant. Though, the Volvo V60 pretty much as the “pretty wagon” segment locked up.

We can’t wait for the G21 BMW 3 Series Touring, as it will provide that near-perfect blend of sport sedan fun and family wagon practicality. With reports of the new 3er being excellent to drive, our hype is building fast.

[Source: Car Scoops]