Now that we know everything there is to know about the G20 BMW 3 Series, people are looking for more of the same flavor. The 3 Series has been traditionally offered in Touring guise as well as a Sedan for nearly as long as the car has been on sale, over its six generations so far. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time until we get to see the more practical choice being unveiled and that may quite possibly happen next Spring, at the Geneva Motor Show.

The news comes in the shape of a report from L’Automobile Magazine, claiming that the wagon will be one of the main attractions at the upcoming European venue. Truth be told, BMW usually likes to unveil its 3 Series on home ground, sort of speak, and since we didn’t get to see the Touring at Paris, the next big show to be hosted by the old continent will be the one in Switzerland. Furthermore, the timeline matches the way BMW has been doing business for the last 40 years, with the Touring model coming only a couple of months after the Sedan.

3 Series Touring Rendering

As for what the car will bring, things are about as clear as day. The same interior awaits, the same engines and the same options. The added room in the back won’t impact the design of the taillamps, as some recent patent drawings have shown. The bad news is that BMW decided to keep the wagon off US soil starting with this generation. The decision was backed by the numbers, which showed the 3 Series Touring just isn’t selling enough units in the US to justify keeping it in the line-up.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a 3 Series wagon, you should get yourself an F31 as soon as possible, before it goes out of production. Speaking of which, the F31 3 Series Touring is scheduled to go out of production in June 2019. That means that the timeline offered by L’Automobile does make sense, as the car will be unveiled a few months before actually entering production, as it is usually the case.