Earlier this week we saw a tuned BMW F90 M5 take on a Huracan Spyder with rather surprising results. Today we’re taking a look at a similar drag race but before we look at how an M5 and a Huracan compare we get to see the same M car take on a Corvette. The two aren’t exactly rivals but the Stingray is known to be quite a capable car on the drag strip. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t offer a lot of info regarding the cars.

The BMW M5 wears a couple of stickers suggesting it was tuned by a company called Ramon Performance. However, taking a look at the times posted at the end of the race, one could assume this M5 is a stock one. That means we’re looking at a 600 HP land rocket here, helped quite a lot off the line by the M xDrive all-wheel drive system. The Corvette on the other hand is RWD and needs a lot more attention when launching.

The Corvette also seems to be stock by the times posted. That means we’re looking at a car pushing 460 HP to the rear wheels along with 460 lb-ft of torque through what most likely is an automatic 8-speed gearbox. The claimed 0-62 sprint time is 3.8 seconds which is pretty close to what BMW claims for the M5. In the end though, the BMW claimed the win in a rather obvious way, by about a car length.

The M5 then goes on to take on a Huracan, which presents a different situation. The Lambo is a considerably faster car than the Corvette. It’s a 10-second car in stock guise thanks to its all-wheel drive system and 610 HP. In this situation, the Huracan should’ve definitely won against the much heavier and slower M5 and since that didn’t happen, maybe the results at hand here was the driver’s fault.