We’ve seen the new BMW 8 Series quite a lot over the past couple of months. It’s BMW’s latest performance flagship and the best looking car it makes, so it’s only natural that BMW wants to push it on us. However, almost every single photo of it, it’s been wearing Barcelona Blue Metallic paint. While a great color, it doesn’t always fit the character of the 8 Series, especially the BMW M850i. Black does, though.

Admittedly, black is sort of the absence of color and it tends to hide a lot of body lines, so it’s not always the best color for a sexy, muscular car, like the 8er. However, the BMW 8 Series looks downright seductive in black.

Wearing its Black Sapphire Metallic paint, the BMW 840d looks lithe, athletic and angry. It’s far more fitting the 8er’s sporting attitude than the Barcelona Blue. Although, it does lose some of its grand touring look, as black hides some of its beauty and glamour.

As for its two-tone red and black interior, it’s certainly a sporty look. While, personally, I wouldn’t go for it, as red interiors tend to become a bit too much on the eyes after awhile, it’s hard to fault BMW for choosing it here, as it does look very good on the auto show floor.

Honestly, though, we’re just happy to see the 8 Series in something other than Barcelona Blue for a change. While the BMW 840d is a pretty car, it’s also a sporty and aggressive car, so it’s refreshing to see it in a sporty and aggressive color combination. Hopefully BMW starts showing off some of its better colors, like Sunset Orange Metallic and Sonic Speed Blue. It’s a shame that those are really all of the interesting color options but it’s nice to know that just going with black still keeps the 8 Series looking good.