BMW’s best selling car in the brand’s history got its seventh generation in Paris and the world is still taking it all in. The new car comes with a completely new platform underneath but also with a fresh design both on the outside and on the inside. Following in its footsteps, BMW will launch a Touring version in the following months as well as a 4 Series Coupe model later on which is expected to differentiate itself from the 3er more than it was the case on the first generation.

The first one to arrive will undoubtedly be the Touring model. Spotted out testing in various conditions and across multiple countries already, the more practical alternative to the 3 Series sedan may be unveiled before the year is out but that’s just speculation at this point. As far as looks are concerned, though, one rendering published today might be right on the money. The pictures here have been put together by Andrei Nedelea, a Romanian pixel manipulator and he did take all the essential cues into consideration when making it.

The front end and everything else up until the B-Pillar will most likely be the same on the Touring as it’s the case on the Sedan. The only difference will be on the rear quarter, where there designers simply can’t add too many surprises. There will be an additional window and a hatch at the back and that’s about it. Sure, the taillights might have a slightly different shape but they won’t be considerably altered for the Touring.

Therefore, what we’re seeing here might be very close to the real deal. Whenever the 3 Series Touring arrives it will be offered with the same engines as the Sedan but it won’t make it to the US at all. According to our sources, due to dwindling sales, BMW decided to stop importing it and focus on crossovers instead as that’s what people seem to prefer these days anyway.