We’re live from Paris this week where in the next couple of days we will bring countless images, videos and information regarding the new BMW 3 Series G20. The car was already leaked ahead of its world debut and you’ve already had the chance to see some of its design details. The technical specs will have to wait a bit longer, but nonetheless, we wanted to give you the opportunity to send some questions in.

The questions will be presented to BMW engineers and project managers, in charge of the new 3 Series, who will be able to address most of them. So if you have any questions regarding the design, drivetrains, suspensions and other tech, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

The auto shows starts on Tuesday morning, Central European Time, so this gives you about 24 hours before you can get the questions in.

As always, the BMW representatives will focus on the current product and features, and will likely shy away from answering anything related to future products, so please stay on point.

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