The current BMW X1 was received with great reviews when it was launched, even though BMW feared that switching to a FWD platform might hurt the new crossover. It turned out the customers prefer the added space provided by the new platform over the RWD fun of the old X1. Today, the X1 has plenty of rivals on the market to deal with, from the Lexus NX, to the GLA-Class and the Audi Q3, but there are also newer cars looking to rain on its parade, such as the Volvo XC40.

AutoGuide took the two out for a spin to see which one is best. They start out with the interior of the X1 which, as they pointed out, it is a bit boring, but it’s also comfortable, familiar and well made. The iDrive system does beat the infotainment system the Volvo offers, simply because it is easier to operate, thanks to the wheel located at your fingertips.

On the road, the Volvo is a bit smoother and goes over bumps with more grace than the BMW which is set up to offer a ‘sportier’ drive. The XC40 in this test also has more power than the X1 but, thanks to a more refined gearbox, the BMW feels just as fast on the road. The power delivery is slow though on the Swedish car, and AugoGuide points out that the Bavarian model does deliver the power better, faster and in a more predictable way.

During their testing, the guys did find some faults, such as the horrendous stop/start system on the Volvo, which they describe as something you wouldn’t want to experience even briefly. However, in the end, the Volvo wins this comparison and that’s rather odd, if you ask me but its their opinion, nonetheless.