Evolve Automotive has had an F80 BMW M3 project car for a little while now, dubbed Project Viper, on account of its vibrant green paint. They’ve fitted new wheels and tires and messed around with it a bit, with much more in the works. The latest modification made was they fitted a new custom titanium exhaust.

The F80 BMW M3’s biggest criticism has been with its exhaust. While a great car overall, the M3’s S55 engine sounds a bit flat and uninspired. Sure, it can be loud but that’s what it sounds like — just loud. It doesn’t make a particularly pretty noise or even one that inspires you to drive harder. So aftermarket exhausts are extremely popular among F80 M3 buyers.

Though, Evolve hadn’t found any exhausts they liked for the M3, so they developed their own. It’s a full titanium exhaust with electronically-controlled valves. So it’s capable of closing its valves, for a quiet mode that actually sounds sort of similar to the stock car, of opening them for full noise mode.

In loud mode, it’s quite loud but it’s also quite raspy. It certainly has more character than the stock car’s exhaust, even if the pops and bangs seem even more artificial, as they’re exaggerated quite a bit. But the sound as a whole is better than the stock F80 M3’s. Plus, it being made from titanium sheds a bit of weight from the car, so it’s a bit of a win/win.

The exhaust looks cool, too. It sports 100mm carbon fiber tips that look much more aggressive than the standard car’s. Those tips also have the “Evolve” logo in them, though it isn’t too flashy or crude looking, as it’s actually sort of subtle.

So if you’re looking for a new exhaust for your F80 BMW M3 but you don’t like any other brands’, check out Evolve Automotive, they just might have something for you.